Curious Blog: A few thoughts on the North West, Culture and Education

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 18 May 2015

Sarah Bailey, our Director of Bridge blogs about her first six months in the role and the state of arts & culture in the North West. In 2013, I was a newcomer to the North West.  If I’m honest, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the passion of the place.  I encountered organisations such as The

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Curious Blog: What We Love About Kitbag

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 11 May 2015

Mandy from Latent Promise blogs about what she loves about Curious Kitbag and  her role of advising and supporting grassroots arts organisations to develop. Why do I enjoy taking part in the Curious Kitbag events? Well, firstly, I get to meet some amazing people with fascinating ideas. The last session introduced me to a dance instructor, a youth

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Exploring the Ten Pieces at Stockport Art Gallery

posted by Curious Minds, on 1 May 2015

On Monday 27 April over 90 Year 5 pupils from 3 Stockport primary schools took part in our ‘Exploring the Ten Pieces’ event at Stockport Art Gallery. Developed by Let’s Go Global, in partnership with Curious Minds, the day comprised a range of creative workshops and activities linked to the national BBC Ten Pieces programme.

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Libraries Blog 2015: Stewart Parsons

posted by Alison Williams-Southern, on 17 April 2015

Implementing the  Curious Minds Library Strategy is proving just as enjoyable if not more enjoyable as the writing of it. Having scoped key priority areas from our North West library contacts, the focus will predominately address the development and delivery of digital and the eternal issue of audience development across our library settings. The strategy

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Bridge Champion Blog: Jonathon Poole, Dance

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 15 April 2015

I guess in many respects I’m a classic case study when it comes to understanding the intrinsic value of arts & culture in schools and where such provision can lead. The arts subjects taught at GCSE and A-level offered me the chance to make sense of who I was and how I fitted into the

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Bridge Champion Blog: Christina Lydon, Creative Writing

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 8 April 2015

My name’s Christina and I working on secondment to Curious Minds as the Creative Writing Champion.  This doesn’t involve strange lab accidents, super powers, or capes but does mean I have a bit of a split identity (albeit not a secret one).  Normally I work for Action Transport Theatre (ATT), a specialist young people’s theatre

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SLICE Blog: Capturing a cultural perspective

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 17 February 2015

By Andrew Vaughan  I have been working as a Cultural Associate for Curious Minds since April 2014 to assist the planning and delivery of the SLiCE programme alongside their Head of Education Partnerships and Lead for the SLiCE programme, Jude Bird. Curious Minds are currently half way into the second year of SLiCE, a two year

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Curious Blog: Making the most of your Local History

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 4 February 2015

By Stephanie Hawke – Partnership and Development Coordinator: Schools and Heritage Curious Minds is pleased to announce that we will host a ‘Making the most of your Local History’ day, at Imperial War Museum North for teachers and heritage educators. The event is delivered in partnership with English Heritage and takes place on Thursday March

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Siobhan’s First Week

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 8 December 2014

I have recently started work at Curious Minds as a Digital and Marketing Intern as part of the Creative Employment Programme and I’ve been asked to write a few words about my first week. My main task for the week was to get caught up on all the work the folk at Curious Minds are

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