SLICE Blog: Capturing a cultural perspective

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 17 February 2015

By Andrew Vaughan  I have been working as a Cultural Associate for Curious Minds since April 2014 to assist the planning and delivery of the SLiCE programme alongside their Head of Education Partnerships and Lead for the SLiCE programme, Jude Bird. Curious Minds are currently half way into the second year of SLiCE, a two year

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Curious Blog: Making the most of your Local History

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 4 February 2015

By Stephanie Hawke – Partnership and Development Coordinator: Schools and Heritage Curious Minds is pleased to announce that we will host a ‘Making the most of your Local History’ day, at Imperial War Museum North for teachers and heritage educators. The event is delivered in partnership with English Heritage and takes place on Thursday March

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Siobhan’s First Week

posted by Siobhan Garrigan, on 8 December 2014

I have recently started work at Curious Minds as a Digital and Marketing Intern as part of the Creative Employment Programme and I’ve been asked to write a few words about my first week. My main task for the week was to get caught up on all the work the folk at Curious Minds are

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Trailblaze Update

posted by Glen Meskell, on 4 December 2014

Trailblaze Blog – December 2014 August saw the launch of Trailblaze and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.  Our first placements started in October hosted by The Suitcase Ensemble in Liverpool and since then we have piloted ten placements in total across the North West.  Young people are currently employed as workshop assistants, front

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Curious Market Places

posted by Glen Meskell, on 11 November 2014

Curious Market Places At our recent Curious Celebration, at Bridgewater Hall on the 24 October, we held a cultural marketplace with arts, cultural and heritage organisations from right across the North West. The purpose of our cultural marketplaces is to give an opportunity for teachers to meet cultural partners, find out more about what they

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BBC Ten Pieces – Hannah’s Blog

posted by Curious Minds, on 16 October 2014

You know how sometimes you have days when you think – I love my job! I guess for many of us working in the cultural and education sectors we’re lucky enough to experience this more than most – part compensation for the lack of money! Last Thursday was one of those days for me. Over

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Are You Disadvantaged And Vulnerable?

posted by Glen Meskell, on 9 October 2014

I’m one of several people working on a project called Strong Voices, which is funded to help the 6% most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to access high quality arts and culture. It’s an amazing project, and it’s definitely creating truly meaningful opportunities for young people that wouldn’t have taken part otherwise and they’re reaping

Strong Voices
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Arts Award Comes To Ramsbottom Festival

posted by Curious Minds, on 6 October 2014

I went to the Ramsbottom festival last year as a ‘punter’ so was really excited to be going again this year, this time to help pilot Arts Award. I knew the experience was going to be totally different from Just So the month before and having a prior knowledge of the set-up of the event

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Arts Award At Just So Festival

posted by Curious Minds, on 6 October 2014

On the evening of the 15th August I arrived at Rode Hall Estate in Cheshire, armed with a tent and lots of Arts Award booklets. This weekend was going to be a pilot in more ways than one- testing out Arts Award in a festival context and testing out me in a camping context!! The

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